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With Didier and the Konvert Ford Fiesta to victory!


Just like last season Didier Duquesne has gotten Konvert’s trust. The fastest man in Aalbeke will take out with a Konvert styled Ford Fiesta WRC.


This season Didier will compete in Kortrijk, Ieper and two extra races, ORC rally in Oostrozebeke and Omloop van Vlaanderen in Roeselare.


This is our pilot’s 18th season. “Of course it’s fantastic to have been around for this long.


I’m very happy with the schedule we’ve put together. My personal goal for 2017 is to thank Konvert for their trust with a victory in their hometown” – Didier


Konvert, Didier and his copilot François Gheerlant are looking forward to welcome you on may 27th and 28th at the ORC Rally in Oostrozebeke.

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