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We're only happy when you are.

At Konvert, we don't find people for the job, we find jobs for people. We look further than your CV. We want to know how you live your life, how you feel about work, what you want to achieve and in which environment you prefer to do that.

We are looking forward to a long chat with you. In real life. And above all: we listen. That's how we discover where your talent really lies. And what really makes you happy. Then we give not our best, but our very best to find the one job that suits you perfectly.

Because that's what it's all about: that one perfect match. Where you and the company fit together in every way. That is what we strive for every day. On a personal level.

How do we find your perfect match together?

At Konvert, we like to make things easy for you: we find your job... but in your way. Whether you are still looking or already know exactly what you want...

We look forward to getting to know you. Create your Konvert profile in a few minutes and tell us more about yourself. We will look for jobs that suit you based on your preferences and talents. 

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These people are already happy!

Finding your perfect match is what gives us strength. That's why our recruiters give the very best of themselves every day. See what our temps have to say...

"I would like to thank Anne and Frederick for the fine service! They were always ready to answer any question, they were always friendly. Nothing to complain about. Thank you for proposing me to apply here 6 months ago. Who would have thought back then that this would be my new work environment."



"Only rarely have I encountered someone who connects so well with the person in front of him/her, who’s able to interpret the expectations and link them to the matching job(s). Regardless of whether my visit to Konvert Office Boom results in an actual job, it was a great experience to feel truly seen and understood as a person – including my talents and abilities. That truly makes a difference."



"I am very happy about Ivanka. I was surprised by how she came across: she’s really not just there to do her job, but really to help people. She really did that, she really helped me."



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