At Konvert we don't find people for the job. We find jobs for people.

We dig deeper, look further and work harder. We don’t just do our best. We do our absolute best, every day. To find that special job that’s truly made for you. The job that lets you be the best you can be. Because if we make people happy in their jobs, we make the company happier as well. Every single day.

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What do we mean by "a true match"?

A true match is a match in which the skills, experience and attitude of a candidate are a perfect match for a company. But it's also a match between people. Their attitude towards life, their attitude towards work, what they want to achieve, and in what environment they operate best.

With a true match, the company and the candidate are the perfect fit on all levels.

You achieve a true match by looking beyond a resume.

Experience, skills and academic background are important. But we think it’s just as important to look beyond a resume to find out what someone really wants. Where their talent really lies. And especially what makes someone happy.

Our personal approach makes sure that this happens.

Because to find out all that, we have to really get to know you. That’s why we always meet you personally. In real life. We listen carefully to what you want, respect who you are and we’ll always say what we think. In a friendly but direct way.

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Our values


We are optimistic. And those who are optimistic in life create possibilities. That doesn't mean we can’t see the difficulties. It means we look for opportunities. We truly believe we will find that true match, and we’ll go the extra mile to do so. No matter what.


To us, finding a true match is more than just a job. We understand the impact it has on our temps and clients. That’s why we don’t just want to know about what they can do, but also what they want to do in addition to their resume. We not only want to know about the job, but also about the company and its culture.


We can only find that true match if there is trust. That’s why we want to meet our clients and temps in real life, and listen carefully. We respect who they are and will always tell them what we think. In a warm but direct way. We also have confidence in our own expertise. As a result, we dare to present candidates and suggest jobs that we believe are a perfect match. Even if they are not quite in line with the expectations.


We believe that we can find true matches because we are trustworthy. That’s why there will never be any snags with us. We are correct, professional and we respect the law. To serve our clients and temps, but also to protect them.


We believe that we can find that true match because we are passionate. We move heaven and earth. Every single day. We try to go that extra mile compared to our competitors. With a smile. Even when things are difficult. We may curse sometimes when things get tough. But after that, we get back on our feet.


Being independent and entrepreneurial is good. But to find the true match, we need work together. Because you can't move heaven and earth on your own. You need everyone's knowledge, but also their enthusiasm. The strongest network wins. Now more than ever.

The Konvert team

"As a family, we are incredibly proud of Konvert and what we accomplish every day. Our people are our strength. We support each other, give space to grow, are human, approachable and face the same direction. Our employees are the reason why clients and temps see who we are and what we stand for every day."

- Siska, Stefanie, Sofie, Silvie, Annemie en Freddy Verschetse

"We don't work to live. Work is a part of our lives. Of who we are, what we do, who we meet and how we feel. Everyone has the right to a good life. And therefore the right to feel good in a job.

Through our personal and passionate approach, we succeed. We don't look at what you can do, but at who you are. We don't look for the job you expect, but for the job you dream of. We focus on where you want to be tomorrow, but never forget where you want to be next year."

- Wim Verhelst, CEO"

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