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Understanding social media in the workspace: a true 'must'


Social media is indispensable in our daily lives. These websites and apps play an important role not only in our private lives, but also in businesses. All it takes is one wrong tweet or post on Facebook to have far-reaching consequences for a company's reputation. That's why companies find it increasingly important to implement a social media policy. A policy lets employees know exactly what is or is not allowed on social media.

Social media puts your company on the map - Konvert
Social media puts your company on the map

The importance of rules about social media usage

Some employers are rather strict when it comes to social media. They outright ban the use of these websites, believing that they reduce their employee's productivity. And yet, there are also important opportunities in the world of social media. It's easy for a company to profile itself; what's more, it can maintain an open dialogue with its customers.

That's why we recommend allowing the use of social media within a company, but with a few guidelines. Research shows that employees are more likely to use social media when they know exactly what behaviour is allowed on these online platforms.

Social media guidelines are a must - Konvert
Allow social media use in your company - with a few guidelines

Increase social media expertise

Not all employees intrinsically have a proper understanding of how to use social media. Companies can address this by engaging a social media expert. This person is largely responsible for professional social media usage. For example, he or she is responsible for the professional posts made on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on behalf of the company, but also for training other employees.

Employees learn not only how to respond to negative reactions online, but they also receive information about posting content that is not copyrighted. An expert can help an entire company learn how to use social media in an effective and fun way.

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Understanding social media in the workspace: a true 'must'

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