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How many hours do you have left?


Because the number of workstudents increases every year, the legislation on student work has been simplified. From the 1st of January 2017, a student can work 475 hours instead of 50 days!

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Combining work with family? Here's how!

A happy home life and optimal performance at work? They're perfectly combinable! Get going with these 7 tips.

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A youth holiday, so even starters can recharge their batteries!

If you're younger than 25, you can supplement your statutory holiday leave with a youth holiday so that you can still have your four-week holiday.

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No diploma? Then play these strong suits

Applying without the right diploma is not always easy. Konvert provides tips for you to score, even without the right piece of paper.

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Part-time work, is it for you?

Part-time work is and remains a true challenge. In this article, Konvert lays out all the advantages and disadvantages of working less.

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