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Combining work with family? Here's how!

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Performing optimally at work while maintaining a happy family life: it seems nearly impossible. And yet, these two worlds can be successfully combined. You only have to know how. With these 7 tips, you'll get there!

1. Draft a schedule

Do you sometimes feel like you're always one step behind? You can avoid this altogether by draftinga good schedule. What has to be done at work? When must the children be picked up from school?

Draft a schedule – Konvert
Draft a schedule

2. Wake up early

The work day can get off to a chaotic start when you also have to care for your family. Wake up 30 minutes earlier than normal, so you have time for yourself.

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Wake up early – Konvert
Wake up early

3. Make decisions

You make the most of your working day by making smart decisions. Leave the time-wasting and minor chores be, focus instead on your most important tasks. Check your e-mail once per day and make a to-do list.

4. Delegate tasks

You can delegate tasks at work and at home. Ask a co-worker to take over a task for you or bring in extra staff who can complete other work. Help with the household is also a good way to reduce your chore list.

5. Cook in the weekend

Cooking takes a lot of time, but is indeed necessary. Do you want to serve your family a healthy meal every day? Then cook several large dishes in the weekend. Freeze a portion of these meals, then eat like royalty for the rest of the week.

Cook in the weekend – Konvert
Cook in the weekend

6. Use your free time wisely

Your free time is precious, so organise it efficiently. Is exercise important to you? Have you not spoken to that one girlfriend in weeks? Combine the two, then you can exercise in good company.

Use your free time wisely – Konvert
Use your free time wisely

7. Perfection does not exist

We're all seeking perfection, but that's entirely unnecessary. There's nothing wrong with a pile of laundry that needs to be ironed for three days, and your son can actually wear the same outfit twice. Let it all go, you'll be happier for it.

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Combining work with family? Here's how!

A happy home life and optimal performance at work? They're perfectly combinable! Get going with these 7 tips.

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