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A youth holiday, so even starters can recharge their batteries!


You're young and you want what you want: a good job, but also enough leave. If you're younger than 25, you may be entitled to an (additional) youth holiday. This way, you can immediately begin dreaming about a holiday after your first month's salary is paid!

Uh, a youth holiday?

This is a very special scheme for those who are younger than 25 and have just began working in their first job. The rule for statutory holidays is the following: every quarter worked within the current year (or holiday work year) entitles you to one week of holiday in the following year. Those who have worked all year round are therefore entitled to four weeks of paid holiday in the following year. If you graduate and begin working this year, you'll only be entitled to a limited amount of holiday leave next year. You can supplement this holiday leave with a youth holiday, so that you still get your four weeks of holiday.

Young people are entitled to a youth holiday - Konvert
A youth holiday ensures that you, as a starter, are also entitled to a holiday.

When are you entitled to a youth holiday?

You must be under 25, have completed your studies or training in the course of the holiday year, and you must have worked as an employee for at least one month in the year in which you graduated.

Will you be paid well if you take a youth holiday?

Though you won't receive a holiday allowance, you will receive a youth holiday allowance from the national employment office (RVA). This allowance amounts to 65% of your gross salary for the first month in which you take the youth holiday. There is a maximum of €2,297.90 per month.

To the festival thanks to a youth holiday - Konvert
Thanks to a youth holiday, you can also take leave during the summer.

How many days can you take?

A youth holiday can only be taken if your 'normal' paid holiday leave has been used. One possible example. You graduated in June 2018 and began working on 01 October 2018. You've only worked for three months so, in 2019, you're only entitled to a week of paid leave. You planned a city trip with your sweetheart for the spring of 2019, so your official holiday leave has already been exhausted. If you still want to take a holiday during the summer, you can supplement that week with a youth holiday until you reach the total holiday period of four weeks.

What if I want to take my youth holiday?

Discuss the period in which you want to take the holiday with your employer, and then submit an application via this link.

Good luck and enjoy your holiday!

A youth holiday, so even starters can recharge their batteries!

If you're younger than 25, you can supplement your statutory holiday leave with a youth holiday so that you can still have your four-week holiday.

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