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Your hours are counted!

Every year, Belgium has more than 478.000 students working. The legislation about student work has changed since the first of January 2017. 

The 50 days that a student could work, turned into 475 hours. This law is especially interesting for students who do not work full days. This means that a worked hour is seen as an hour and no longer as a full day. With these new rules, you can choose when and how long you work. Put the arrangements you make with your employer always in your contract. Of course, you can work more than the indicated hours, but your social contributions will be increased as of the 476th workhour. Otherwise, nothing has changed, it stays interesting to work as a student.

Good to know:

- You are not tied to a season

- Make sure you stay in your quota of 475 hours

- Do not forget school or other school activities, because in those moments you can not work as student worker.

- You have 475 hours each year. If you have some hours left, you can not use them next year


Employers, for their part, only have to perform the Dimona declaration in hours instead of days. It remains financially attractive and advantageous to recruit studentworkers.

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