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Which jobs offer (long-term) job security?


When choosing their studies, people often look at what they enjoy. Unfortunately, it's also important these days to consider job security. It would be a shame to receive your diploma, only to discover there are no job vacancies in that field. That's why it's a smart idea to choose a 'bottleneck' profession. Every year, the VDAB (Flemish Authority for Labour Market Mediation and Professional Training) compiles a list of in-demand careers.

Working in industry and production

For over ten years now, demand for technical jobs has been strong. Not only are more workers required to fill these jobs, but there's also a need for better qualified people. Sadly, there's often a mismatch, so the jobs are not performed properly. When you're flexible and knowledgeable about the latest technologies, employers see you as an asset. Are you mobile? Then the jobs will be yours for the taking. Sample job vacancies include: maintenance technicians, technical advisers and industrial facility technicians.

When you're flexible and knowledgeable about the latest technologies, employers see you as an asset.

Working in construction

Do you want to be certain to get a job? Then construction expertise is a good starting point. The current economic climate is boosting the growing demand in the construction sector. Supervisors and manual workers are in high demand. Are you interested in the construction sector? If so, it's a good idea to obtain a diploma of secondary or higher education. Sample job vacancies include: engineering office technician and site supervisor.

Working in the transport sector

The transport sector has been one of the sectors with a lot of work for some time now. Many lorries with European licence plates are driving around Belgium. There's always great demand for Belgian lorry drivers. If you love driving on the motorway, this is the ideal job for you!

Box truck passing through a toll gate – Konvert
There's always great demand for Belgian lorry drivers

Working in ICT

More and more work is completed via computers. That's why the ICT sector still offers job security. The latest trends favour ICT workers.

Working in administration

While looking for a job, it may have captured your attention. There's always demand for call-centre employees. This is a nice job if you cope well with high workloads, want to achieve targets and do not mind having irregular work schedules.

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