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Which job suits you?


Finding the job that seems custom made for you is critical. It ensures that you get out of bed in the morning with more energy, that you derive satisfaction from your job and that you're a happier person. Not feeling great at work? Graduating soon and in danger of drowning in all the job vacancies? Stop, take a deep breath and read our tips!

More energy in the morning - Konvert
The right job gives you more energy in the morning

Who are you?

If a job suits your personality, interests and skills, all is well. Which sectors interest you? Do you enjoy being creative or prefer working with more structure? What do you want to get out of life? Which values are important to you? If you have the right competencies but the job does not suit your personality, a mismatch is created. And you can become very unhappy in your job.

If it's hard for you to paint a picture of who you actually are, take a career test.

Test yourself

If it's hard for you to paint a picture of who you actually are, take a career test. There are many good (free) tests available online. They give you more insight into who you are and what you find important in a job, and most use the same approach. You'll be shown statements or activities and asked to indicate which one appeals to you the most. The point is to complete the test without giving it too much thought. If you don't believe in the internet or if you don't have any feedback, don't hesitate to contact a job coach or a career consultant.

Think outside the box - Konvert
Don't fixate on your studies or your previous job.

Think outside the box

Don't fixate on your studies or your previous job. Skills are only one part of 'a job'. Think about your preconditions. Is flexibility important to you? Do you enjoy working in a quiet workplace or is a bit of chaos and creativity a must? Do you want to full-time or part-time work? Do deadlines keep you sharp or do they put a knot in your stomach? Compile a list of what you value in a job.

Dare (again) to change

It's possible you were wrong, and the job you applied for was not right for you. That's no drama. For many people, job hopping is a major part of life. Keep searching and dare to change until you find something that makes you feel good. And when starts to pinch again, hop to the next one!

Are you wavering between 'Should I stay or should I go?' Remember: adjusting your job is always better than adjusting yourself!

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