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Fewer e-mails thanks to these 5 tips


Nobody gets happy from sending e-mails. It takes a lot of time and, often, it's not even necessary. Want to get rid of your overflowing inbox forever? Then follow these 5 tips.

1. Unsubscribe

It may be obvious, but unsubscribe from every newsletter you currently receive. You usually leave them untouched, and your inbox fills up with unimportant advertising.

Unsubscribe from newsletters - Konvert
Unsubscribe from every newsletter that you do not read

2. Send fewer e-mails

The principle is simple: the more e-mails you write, the more e-mails you receive. Before sending an e-mail, it's a good idea to consider whether it's really the best option. Perhaps you can place a call or visit a co-worker?.

3. Is it urgent? Then call.

Have you ever called someone to ask whether he or she has received your e-mail? In urgent situations like this, you could've just directly called, so you both have one less e-mail to answer.

Call instead of e-mailing - Konvert
Calling is much faster than e-mailing

4. Be clear

The clearer you are, the fewer e-mails you need to organise something. Write every e-mail with the following questions in mind: To whom am I writing this e-mail? Why? What needs to happen?

5. Do not discuss complex matters in an e-mail

E-mail is not the place for complex issues or extensive discussions. If you need to discuss something difficult, then organise a meeting. That's far more efficient and less stressful.

Organising a meeting is efficient and less stressful

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