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Efficient recruitment is serious business

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How do you find the right person for the job vacancy? Successful recruitment can be learned. It's moving with the times, acting quickly and ensuring that the puzzle pieces fit together perfectly. Attracting and retaining young talent is a challenge for many companies. Job vacancies remain unfilled and the 'war for talent' seems to be in full swing. Too many companies are fishing in the same pond while waiting for the right candidate to bite. Just 5 tips can ensure that you hook the right fish, faster.

applying via Skype - Konvert
Today, you can apply for a job via a video call.

1 // Social media is a must

Look for young talent where it can especially be found. So: social media. Use Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to tell your story and to post the job vacancy. It pays to use social media wisely! Ensure that you have an online presence and dare to enter into dialogue with potential employees through other channels. Nowadays everything is possible, even applying for a job via Skype.

2 // Mobile is in

Create a responsive design for your website or online job vacancy that's optimised for mobile devices. More and more people are surfing with their tablet or mobile device. Present-day candidates expect the job application process to be more user-friendly, preferring to apply with the push of a button. Make sure that potential employees do not drop out because the process is too complicated ... or takes too long.

3 // Dare to act quickly

Recruitment processes that drag on for too long may cause top-notch candidates to drop out. An efficient process begins with the right job description. What exact profile are you seeking? A targeted search delivers a more targeted intake and saves time during the selection process. Be clear and honest and communicate your requirements. Don't keep candidates in suspense for longer than is strictly necessary. Make rapid decisions and keep the time between the first contact and the recruitment as short as possible.

Job interview – Konvert
An efficient process begins with the right job description.

4 // Call on your network

Your employees are the showcase of your company or organisation; they're your best ambassadors. They have an extensive network you can tap to reach certain profiles. Let them share their experiences on social media. Motivate them to share the job vacancy.

5 // Think about the total picture

It has to make sense. Wages are important, but corporate culture, training opportunities, talent management and long-term perspectives can also be crucial. If you create expectations, make sure they can be met. People today do not have a problem starting somewhere else shortly after they've begun working.

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