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Understanding social media in the workspace: a true 'must'

Social media is indispensable. Also at work. What is or is not allowed? The right knowledge and rules are vital.

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Part-time work, is it for you?

Part-time work is and remains a true challenge. In this article, Konvert lays out all the advantages and disadvantages of working less.

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Fewer e-mails thanks to these 5 tips

Those who enjoy sending e-mails should ignore this. 5 tips for those who want to get rid of an overflowing inbox forever.

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Which jobs offer (long-term) job security?

Choosing a 'bottleneck' profession gives you more job security in the long term. Bear this in mind when choosing your studies.

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Which job suits you?

Hmm ... Which job suits you and which job do you fit? Though a career test may help, sometimes thinking outside the box is enough to find just the right job!

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