Konvert France

Konvert France, an integral part of the Konvert Group, is dedicated to assisting French citizens in finding employment across the border in Belgium. As a family-owned business with 60 years of expertise in the recruitment sector, we prioritise the individual looking for work and value his or her qualities more than just a CV. At the core of our dedication lies our tailored approach.

Our dedicated team is here to assist you on your journey to finding the perfect job. We'd like to help you navigate the world of employment opportunities in Belgium.

Our services

Towards the Belgian job market.

A solution tailored to your professional expectations and your mobility radius.

Our network of French and Belgian institutional partners for all your business needs.

Guaranteed social rights !

There is legal harmonisation at European level which facilitates the flow of cross-border workers and protects you by guaranteeing your rights in Belgium as well as in France by providing a comprehensive legal framework!

> Coordination of social security systems (health/social security covered, including pension contributions).

> Guaranteed transposability of social rights: unemployment, family allowances.

> Tax harmony: no double taxation! You will never be taxed if you work in Belgium, but only once, and directly at source.

Advantages of working in Belgium

Higher salaries.

Guaranteed paid holidays.

Weekly salary payments.

Travel expenses covered.

Two additional bonuses per year.

Career growth opportunities.

Some job stability.

Simple, harmonised taxation. No double taxation!

Guaranteed social rights

French workers in Belgium: Your comprehensive guide

For French nationals coming to work in Belgium, we have prepared a practical guide available in French.
Find all the information you need about working in Belgium here.