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Looking for work, applying for a job ànd managing your work life? We thought it could be easier. In one convenient place. That's exactly why we created the Konvert app. Now you can easily scroll through our latest jobs, chat with our recruiters in no time and view your contracts and payslips with one tap.

Why we have an app?

With the Konvert app, your work life is always right at your fingertips – whether that's at the breakfast table or at a café with friends.

Forgot about that job application? Not on our watch! From now on, all your appointments are centralised. Keep track of your work schedule with our clear calendar.

Need a quick answer from us? Drop us a line in the chat. We will have the answer for you in next to no time.

Want to see your payslip? Sign your contract? All you need is your smartphone. Use the app to manage all your work-related documents.

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