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The Power of Konvert

In a real match, the company and the candidate fit together in all areas. That's why we look beyond resumes to discover what someone really wants. Where the talent really lies. And especially what makes someone really happy.

Because if we make people happy in their work every day, companies will also be happier every day.

Want to take on this challenge with us?

Working as HR recruiter

Our strength lies in our employees. We realize that all too well.
But what does the job as an HR recruiter look like?
What do you do for Konvert?


As an HR recruiter you are looking for to a real match between local job seekers and businesses.

Sincere communication

Once you spot that potential match, you coach temporary employees during their application and afterwards so that that match remains.

Team spirit

Together with a close, dynamic team you give the best of yourself every day with a lot of enthusiasm, confidence and in a very human way.

What does Konvert do for you?

Give a little, take a little. You make people happy in their job every day. And so we want to do that for you too. This is what we have to offer you:

At Konvert you work close to home because we have offices everywhere.
We offer you stability, collegiality and plenty personal time to learn and grow.
We are a warm family business that has been around for more than 50 years in Belgian hands.
Many of our HR recruiters continue to grow to office managers.
In addition, we provide an appropriate compensation. 20 vacation days and 12 days catch-up rest a year.
Internal and external training

"Guidance from day one is the Power of Konvert"

Rune Recruiter

I have been working for Konvert at the office in Roeselare for about 1.5 months now. During my first week, I already achieved 3 starters. My job coach was blown away and I was happy about it. This gave me a really good feeling and so much fulfilment!

It is mainly thanks to the good teamwork, the great guidance, and the motivation I feel by the kind words. Every now and then, I get a little push and often, with a little extra guidance, I manage to achieve starters. It is also by daring right away that I find the courage and enjoy myself so much at work. In the meantime, quite a few starters have been achieved and I remain just as enthusiastic about them!

I certainly get the space to learn and grow. The reception and arrival at the office is always just as warm, and that gives me the strength to go for it and try to achieve starters!

Offices and jobs near you

Konvert has interim offices all over the country.
That means most of our recruiters can work close to home.
Below you will find vacancies near your city.

The Power of Konvert, that's them

Who are the HR recruiters at Konvert? And how do they experience their job?
Here you can read some of their experiences.

Julie, Aalst

“Help someone who has been a police officer for 17 years to make the switch to a bicycle repair shop? That is an incredible satisfaction.”

Sharena, Bruges

There was a vacancy for 'project assistant' for a company active in the railway works, for which they were looking for a specific profile. I helped them find a candidate who had no technical background. But in terms of personality it was a good fit. That open-mindedness, that's why I like working here so much.

Our vacancies

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