Why should you choose for Konvert?

Because Konvert listens to your needs and desires!
We analyse each job to determine the importance of the skills, competencies and soft skills. Based on the analysis, our trained consultants make a detailed job description.

These job descriptions are verified in our database which we carefully build thanks to our numerous targeted inflow actions. Besides the inflow we obtain thanks to the many online subscriptions on MyKonvert and in our regional agencies, we also recruit on social media and we have a direct connection with the VDAB database. Our database contains more than 900 000 CV’s.

During the search for the perfect candidate, we do not only look at her or his resume. We screen every possible candidate using our own Konvert Match system, to find the candidate with the necessary knowledge and experience. We also use Competent, this means that the candidates with the necessary skills are also proposed to you. The criteria in the Competence system can be modified and based on your needs.

We are quoting our candidates also according the SODA principle (Punctuality, Order, Discipline and Attitude), we carry out a reference-check with the previous employers, but also after one week of employment with our client.

With our Quality+ tests, we examine our candidate, depending on the type of job. And if necessary we work out personalized tests with our client.

After this extensive screening, we invite the potential candidate for an interview so we are sure that we have found the perfect match. In other words, Konvert never sends out an employee without an interview.

We’re only happy when you are

Konvert adapts itself to your way of working!

Every client is different and has specific expectations. To satisfy our clients need, Konvert has several specialised departments throughout Belgium.


Interim Logo

                 Konvert Interim is there for you for all your industrial vacancies.


Construct Logo

                 Konvert Construct is looking for motivated employees in the building sector.


Office Logo

                 Konvert Office is specialised in jobs for bachelors and masters.


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                 Konvert Food supports all our clients in the food industry.


We only want the best for our clients. That is why we provide an easy administration using e-tools (performance management) and e-contracting (temporary contracts).

If you have found someone to strengthen your team yourself, we are happy to help you with all the necessary paperwork!

If necessary we recruit abroad, we settle a pop-up to get closer to the client, or we look for an inhouse solution.

At Konvert we do more!

We don’t stop once the vacancy is filled. We guarantee a good follow-up of our temporary workers and a permanent evaluation of our cooperation.


Contact the nearest office, our consultants will help you further!