Frequently asked questions

Where can I find the documents I need to file my income tax returns?

Your Konvert agency sends you the 281.10 form each year. You'll find it in your Adminbox. This form provides an overview of what you have earned at Konvert during the past year.

If I am a French employee, how and where should I complete my income tax return?

Normally speaking, the country where you work levies taxes on the wages you earn there.

Are you a French national working in Belgium? In that case, Belgian withholding tax will be deducted from your salary (unless you have the fiscal status of a frontier worker).

This means that you, as a French national employed in Belgium, you will also receive a Belgian assessment notice. Make sure you are registered with the Belgian tax authorities ("tax non-residents" via the following link:, at or by calling +32 (0)2/ 57 546 00.

Please note: The French tax authorities cannot levy taxes for the income you have acquired in Belgium as well. Nevertheless, you will be required to declare your Belgian income to the French tax authorities, via the French assessment notice. We recommend contacting your local French tax office for this purpose.

Where can I find my holiday leave certificate? (Blue collar worker/White collar worker)

Do you work as a temporary blue collar worker? If so, the National Service for Annual Holiday Leave (Rijksdienst voor Jaarlijkse Vakantie, RJV) will provide you with your holiday leave certificates.

Temporary employees can request these certificates from their Konvert branch.

Who pays my holiday pay?

As a temporary worker, the RJV (+32 02 627 97 60) pays your holiday allowance, based on the work you performed in the past year. This is paid out each year in May or June.

If you are working as a temporary worker, you will receive your holiday pay from Konvert at the end of each contract, on top of your salary. This is called the ‘departure holiday pay’. By operation of law, holiday pay is set at 15.34% of your annual gross wages.

When will I receive my holiday pay ?

Temporary blue collar workers receive their holiday pay in the course of May or June.

To temporary white collar workers applies that their holiday pay is paid out per contract, together with their wages.

Am I, as a temporary worker, entitled to an end-of-year bonus?

Yes, the end-of-year bonus is paid by the Social Fund for Temporary Employees, provided that the temporary worker has worked at least 65 days to which social contributions apply at one or more temporary employment agencies during the reference period (from 1 July to 30 June of the following year).

The end-of-year bonus amounts to 8.33% of the total gross pay earned during the reference period.

How can I apply for my end-of-year bonus?

No action is required on your part. If you meet the conditions, you will receive a document from the Social Fund by post during the month of December.

Make sure that you inform the Social Fund in good time of any change of address.

Who pays my end-of-year bonus?

The Social Fund for Temporary Agency Workers pays your end-of-year bonus.

When will my end-of-year bonus be paid?

Are you a union member? Union members can submit the document – which they will receive in December – to their union for payment.

Non-union members can return the completed document to the Social Fund. The Fund will then take care of the payment. This will take place in January.

When will I receive my C4 proof of unemployment form?

When your employment with a certain customer ends and no new contracts are foreseen, you will receive an interim C4 form. If you have this document, you can apply for unemployment benefits from your trade union or the Auxiliary Institution for Unemployment Benefits (Hulpkas voor Werkloosheidsuitkeringen, HVW).

Who can I contact for my C4 form?

Contact your Konvert branch for a C4 form.

I am a French employee. How do I convert my C4 into a U1 form?

You can contact your union or the HVW for that.

When will I receive my salary?

We pay your wages every Friday. Depending on your bank, you may even receive it on the same day. If not, you will receive it the following Monday.

Attention: if these days fall on a public holiday, this is postponed by one working day.

Where can I find my pay slips?

You can consult and download them via your Adminbox.

Can my payslips be translated into French?

Yes, they can! Unlike an employment contract, payslips are not subject to language legislation. This means that we can also provide them in French, if you wish – even if your Konvert branch is located in the Flemish Region.

Am I entitled to luncheon vouchers?

This depends on the joint committee to which our customer (the company where you will be working every day) belongs.

Have any arrangements been made for this at sector level? It is also possible that the company has introduced luncheon vouchers at company level.

In that case, you will receive electronic luncheon vouchers on an Edenred payment card.

How can I apply for my luncheon voucher card?

There is no action required on your part. Your Edenred card will be sent to you by post. The balance on the card will be topped up every month or week.

I have lost my luncheon voucher card. What can I do?

Block the lost card as soon as possible! You can do this by logging on to, by calling 02/702 20 02 or via the Edenred App.

You can order a new card by logging on to Your new card will be sent to your home address once the payment (online or by bank transfer) has been completed. The balance of your lost card will automatically be transferred to the new card.

Am I entitled to short leave?

You will be entitled to remain absent from work with retention of salary in specific situations. These situations are defined by law (e.g. a wedding, a birth, the death of a close relative, the solemn Communion of your child, being called to man the voting booths during an election).

The number of days you may be absent depends on the situation. Always inform your Konvert consultant in advance and submit the necessary certificate. Also keep in mind that the day on which you want to be absent should generally coincide with the day on which you would normally be working.

How does Adminbox work?

Your Adminbox is you very own, personal inbox where you can find all your signed contracts and payslips. You will also find all your new contracts, which you can immediately sign with a special password (mandate) here.

I can’t log in to my Adminbox. What can I do?

- Do you know the email address you normally use to log in, but have you forgotten your password? If so, you can opt to create a new password via e-mail.

- You can’t remember the email address? Please contact your branch office. Our colleagues will be happy to help you!

Why am I asked to sign contracts in Adminbox?

Only signed contracts are being archived for later use. If you do not sign a contract, it will expire and you will no longer be able to retrieve it. So, always keep a close eye on your Adminbox!

What are the conditions for obtaining a flex-jobber status?

You can work as a flex-jobber in the current quarter if you were working for at least 80% of the full-time equivalent three quarters ago, or if you retired two quarters ago.

Please note that there are a number of conditions attached to this:
1. You may not have a notice period in the current quarter.
2. You may not find yourself in a period that is covered by a severance pay or compensation payment at the expense of the employer with whom you carry out the flexi-job.
3. You may not be employed for at least 80% of the full-time equivalent at the employer with whom you carry out the flexi-job.

The flex-jobber status applies only in specific sectors.

If I am a student, how many hours can I work?

It’s entirely up to you to decide how much you want to work. However, you have to take into account what is referred to as your ‘quota’. This is a package of 475 hours per year, during which you can work at reduced social security contributions. That makes working as a student a very economical way to earn money!

Of course, it is not the intention of the government that students enrolled in higher education work on a full-time basis. So, do you work more than those 475 hours? Then your benefit as a student will lapse and your social security contribution will be higher again.

Where can I see how many hours I can still work as a student at reduced social security contributions?

This can easily be checked on Student@work. Here, you will find exactly how many hours you can still work at reduced social security contributions. This way you can be sure that you don’t exceed the 475 hours referred to as your ‘quota’.

In addition to this, you will find an overview of your current student jobs and all the student jobs you have taken on in the past.

You can also download a certificate for your employer on the Student@work website. This certificate shows the number of hours during which the employer can employ you without exceeding the 475 hours limit.