Work as an Office Manager

Our strength lies in our employees. We realize that all too well.
But what does the job as an Office Manager look like?

Real matches

As an Office Manager, you ensure that your team of recruiters does everything in their power to find those real matches.


You dare to question processes and actively look for local partners who are looking for candidates and real matches.


You coach and motivate your team of recruiters to work together every day with a lot of positivity, confidence and in a very human way.

What does Konvert do for you?

Give a little, take a little. You make people happy in their job every day. And so we want to do that for you too. This is what we have to offer you:

Although the HR world may still be unfamiliar to you, our training programme, individual coaching and job coaching will give you the time you need to settle in properly.

Our company values, including optimism, drive and cooperation, are not empty words. You feel them every day at work.

You will have a company car with fuel card, a laptop and an Iphone.

You can count on meal & eco cheques, an expense allowance and hospital and group insurance.

Our bonus system ensures that you challenge yourself and are rewarded for it.

After 6 months, we already increase your gross monthly salary!

On top of all this, you can take home working days and enjoy extra leave days according to your seniority.

Spontaneous application

Can't find a vacancy close to you right away?
Do not hesitate to apply spontaneously. We will work with you to find a vacancy in your area.

The Power of Konvert, that's them

Who are the Office managers at Konvert? And how do they experience their job? Here you can read some of their experiences.

“One of my recruiters really had a bad day. I dropped everything for a while and went for a walk with her and had an ice cream. Her day was good again. And mine too, actually. At Konvert, humanity always comes first.”



“I organized a team building for the Limburg region where we had to dress up. I was the host of a homemade quiz in a Casa de Papel costume! Afterwards I did the complete dishes with my District Manager and 2 colleagues, of course with a glass of wine. Out together, home together is my motto.”