Our personal approach

At Konvert, we don’t search for people for jobs, but jobs for people. That’s why we look beyond your CV, your skills and your experience. We also want to find out about your attitude. Your approach to life, how you feel about work, what you want to achieve and in which environment you’d prefer to do it. So, we’ll have a long chat with you. And most importantly, we listen. That’s how we discover where your talent really lies. And what really makes you smile. Only by doing this can we find a genuine match, where you and the company are a perfect match on all levels.

Julie, Aalst

“Helping someone who’s been a police officer for 17 years switch to a bike repair shop? I’d do anything for that.”

Liesbeth, Hasselt

“I don’t stop when a candidate has a job, I carry on coaching until it becomes indispensable.”

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