Supporting Services


As a member of the help desk team in our IT department, you are in charge of first line help whenever staff have questions and problems.

If you feel quite at home with databases, servers and operating systems, then a job as system manager is certainly something for you.

Would you prefer to work on innovation and continuing to develop our programs, then a job as software developer will be right up your street.


Colleagues in our marketing department are responsible for Konvert’s look & feel, both internally and externally.

We therefore employ experts in front and web design, graphic design, copywriting and communication.

They also team up with the marketing manager to create fun promotions for clients and temporary workers, not to mention our own team of staff!


Screening CVs, conducting job interviews, organising training, ensuring that salaries are correctly processed, wage-related questions, etc.

Together with the HR manager, our HR officers for payroll and recruitment, are always there for everybody. The HR department looks both for and after our human capital!

Wage department

Our experts in social legislation are in charge of the correct processing of our temporary workers’ salaries.

Together with employees in the wage department, our file managers are the point of contact in our offices for all questions raised by temporary workers regarding wages and contracts.

Financial department

Our financial department consists of the debtor unit, on the one hand, taking perfect care of payments to our customers and, on the other hand, of our accounting division, who make sure that all financial transactions are paid and booked correctly and on time.

National Accounts

Colleagues in the National account department provide extra support to our individual offices in monitoring our largest, national clients with numerous locations spread across the country.

As the SPOC for such clients, you are the one to receive the requests, dispatch them to the closest office and track the office proposals and starters to ensure that these clients receive the perfect service.


Konvert firmly believes in creating a pleasant workplace for its employees.

The facility team (including an architect and project supervisor) is therefore always looking for new buildings or ways to improve our infrastructure.

Our team of cleaning ladies ensures that we can enjoy a clean office environment each day.

Legal department

Our legal experts can help you with all questions from temporary workers and clients related to the implementation of social legislation or regarding judicial applications.

They will ensure that all our staff are, and remain, right up to date on all changes and news in the relevant law.


Our prevention advisor works with office employees to create awareness among our temporary workers and clients.

In the unlikely event of a work accident then you will be welcome here at any time for the relevant info and support.