Konvert payroll - discover the many benefits for your business

Flexible deployment of staff based on your needs? Discover the convenience of payrolling.

Are you continuously doing business and investing in your company? Konvert admires this!

That’s why we would be happy to take over all administrative obligations from you: Konvert Payroll helps you deploy new team members in a flexible manner, without an administrative burden. This gives you the time and space to focus on true entrepreneurship. Let’s do this!

Deploy your staff quickly and efficiently based on daily, weekly, full-time, or part-time contracts: easy as can be!

During the payroll period, the match between your company, the vacancy, and the candidate is checked efficiently and rapidly.


Deploy staff when you need it

Short- or long-term deployment, full-time or part-time contracts? Deploy staff based on the needs of your company.

We create the contracts in a quick and flexible manner: 24/7!


Facilitate HR & save time

How do we reduce the burden on your internal human resources department? By arranging all HR obligations and making clear agreements.

Moreover, our teams are always aware of the latest legislative changes, so you can rely on our HR experts at all times.


Financial benefits

Is the employment relationship not what you, or the payrolled employee, expected it to be?

Discover the financial benefits of temporary employment compared to a fixed contract!


Digital wage platform

Your entire payroll administration process for your new (temporary) workers will takes place digitally, using a simple payroll platform!

Our team of experts is familiar with your joint committee and sector, and pays the payrolled employee correctly, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


Progress meetings for professional growth

Feedback leads to a rapid integration of any new employee. That’s why we coach our temporary workers and offer them regular assistance. This enables them to work on individual growth.

An employee experiencing professional development? That’s a twofold benefit!

What’s the difference between using Konvert Payroll or managing your own contracts?

  Payroll Own recruitement
Administrative burden Limited Obligations
Severance pay or notice period High severance pay due + observing the notice period
Probationary period
Staffing 24/7
Unburdening HR service
Remuneration and payment Weekly
Invoicing Tailored to your company
Administration of all required certificates and diplomas
Rely on additional services: legal, marketing, IT
Progress meetings and feedback

The extra mile: onboarding and assessment interviews

Rapid onboarding, progress interviews, and feedback are a must to enable new colleagues to develop rapidly. This is why Konvert makes every possible effort to allow the temporary workers to integrate into their new work environment as quickly as possible.

Meeting the company manager, internal coaches, and other colleagues removes uncertainties on both sides. Each new team member becomes quickly acquainted with the company setting and feels welcome straight away. You, in return, can properly identify your candidate’s full potential.

Each agency worker will be evaluated regularly. A thorough position analysis, test battery, and PODA evaluations (Punctuality – Order – Discipline – Attitude) make sure you have a comprehensive understanding of the match between our candidate and your company.

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