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Are you a student? Do you have some free time throughout the week? We are looking for students who can work two or more days a week, from Monday tilll Friday! For Katoen Natie, a company located in the port of Gent, we are looking for students who are willing to work in one of the warehouses on site. Jobs include orderpicking, packaging, loading and unloading and quality control. The employment is flexible and based on daily or weekly availability of the students. Working hours can range from 6h00 till 22h00: - Early shift from 6h00 till 14h00 - Day shift from 8h00 till 16h00 - Day shift from 10h00 till 18h00 - Late shift from 14h00 till 22h00 For every shift, there is a possibility to take a bus from Dampoort station to Katoen Natie. INTERESTED? Contact our office by sending your CV to or call 09 327 00 13. We will contact you shortly!

Your profile

* Official student, registered for the year 2018- '19, students studying abroad can also apply! * You are 18 or older because you work in shifts. * Willingness to work during the week for two or more days

What do we offer?

We offer you: - A good wage of 12,4219 €/hour. On top of this you get mealvouchers of 6,50 € for each day you work. - You'll end up in a company with a hands-on, no nonsense mentality that's constantly changing and expanding, where there's a lot of possibilities to grow.

Jobrelated competences

  • De werkzone reinigen en opruimen (materieel, hulpstukken, ...)
  • Goederen en producten ontvangen De levering controleren
  • Goederen naar de verzend-, opslag- of productiezone brengen
  • Goederen in opslagzones plaatsen
  • Verpakken en eenvoudige assemblages uitvoeren Beschadigde producten opnieuw conform maken, ...
  • Opvolggegevens van orders registreren Een lijst van de beschadigde producten en van defect materiaal opmaken
  • Picken volgens de instructies van de ordervoorbereiding De pakketten, partijen, ... samenstellen
  • Voorraden opvolgen De ontvangst van de producten controleren
  • Producten volgens kenmerken, bestellingen en wijze van transport verpakken

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Konvert Interim Katoen Natie Gent

Fritiof Nilsson piratenstr. G1 B22 - 9042 Desteldonk

+32 9 327 00 13

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