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Combining work with family? Here's how!

A happy home life and optimal performance at work? They're perfectly combinable! Get going with these 7 tips.

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A youth holiday, so even starters can recharge their batteries!

If you're younger than 25, you can supplement your statutory holiday leave with a youth holiday so that you can still have your four-week holiday.

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No diploma? Then play these strong suits

Applying without the right diploma is not always easy. Konvert provides tips for you to score, even without the right piece of paper.

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Part-time work, is it for you?

Part-time work is and remains a true challenge. In this article, Konvert lays out all the advantages and disadvantages of working less.

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Fewer e-mails thanks to these 5 tips

Those who enjoy sending e-mails should ignore this. 5 tips for those who want to get rid of an overflowing inbox forever.

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How to highlight your soft skills in your CV and cover letter

For many, a CV revolves around the hard facts. This is where you list all your education, training and work experience. It's how you demonstrate that you have the right knowledge and experience. But you have so much more to offer! How do you make your soft skills the star of your CV and cover letter?

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Which jobs offer (long-term) job security?

Choosing a 'bottleneck' profession gives you more job security in the long term. Bear this in mind when choosing your studies.

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Which job suits you?

Hmm ... Which job suits you and which job do you fit? Though a career test may help, sometimes thinking outside the box is enough to find just the right job!

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