Managing temp contracts electronically and efficiently with Adminbox

 On 1 October 2016, Konvert switched to electronic contracts instead of paper temp contracts.

Konvert has created an Adminbox (your personal mailbox) for every temp worker that joins Konvert. This allows you to electronically sign, save and check all your temp contracts. Where and when you want. You will be notified by e-mail or text message (depending on your choice) when a new temp contract has been sent to you. As soon as you receive this message, you can go to to read and sign your contract. This means you no longer have to come in to sign your temp contracts.

From now on all admin is handled online. Isn’t that easy!

Checking your Adminbox

After registering at the agency, go to and log in with your personal login (e-mail address) and password. You can then check your ‘Adminbox’. You will receive a business card from your Konvert agency with your login and password. Don't lose it, you might need it one day!

What can you find in your Adminbox?

  • A signed letter of intent (for a temporary employment contract)
  • Temp contracts


Soon in your Adminbox

Soon you can also find the following documents in your Adminbox. We will notify you by e-mail or by text message once these documents are available in your Adminbox.

  • Pay slips
  • The certificate for a tax advance (additional income tax to be withheld at source) or the certificate for income tax at source (to be signed)
  • The work station data sheet for your position as a temp worker
  • Konvert's work regulations
  • The 281.10 form or income tax payment form
  • Your individual account or a summary of all your pay slips

And finally this…

  • you can also view all the contracts you must sign under ‘Tasks’
  • you can also find all the contracts you already signed under ‘Documents’

We hope to make your administration even more efficient and easy by switching from paper to digital.

How to proceed?

Check your (un)signed temp contracts

Check your unsigned (under "Tasks") and signed (under "Documents") temp contracts.




Sign your contracts

Option 1: You can check your temp contracts in the archive (see previous item). Then click the "Sign" button to sign your temp contract.


Option 2: You will receive an e-mail (or a text message) with a link to your electronic temp contract in AdminBox. All the instructions are included in this e-mail. You can view the agreement and start the signing process. Or you can go to your archive and view and sign the contract there.


Sign your contracts: step 1

Read the contract and select "Sign with my password".




Sign your contracts: step 2

Sign a mandate once-only with a code that is sent to you by e-mail or text message. Choose how you want to be notified of new employment agreements and choose a password.


Sign your contracts: step 3

From now on, sign all your contracts with your own password. Questions or comments? Contact a nearby Konvert agency.